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(LifeSiteNews) – The CEO of popular Christian satire site the Babylon Bee said he will donate $20,000 to Texas Right to Life in response to web hosting company GoDaddy booting a whistleblower website from its servers. 

“Babylon Bee CEO to donate $20,000 to Texas pro-life website,” Seth Dillon wrote on Twitter, in response to a tweet by CNBC that said “GoDaddy to terminate hosting of Texas anti-abortion tip website.” 

“Thank you, @SethDillon!” Texas Right to Life said in response. would have been used to allow people to provide leads on potential violations of the Texas Heartbeat Act. The law allows private individuals to sue anyone who assists in the breaking of the law, which prohibits abortions when a baby’s heartbeat can be detected. Women who have abortions would not be punished under the bill. 

Texas Right to Life has said it will not back down. “Anti-Life activists hate us because we’re winning. Hundreds of babies are being saved from abortion right now because of Texas Right to Life, and these attacks don’t change that,” spokesperson Kimberlyn Schwartz wrote in a statement. 

The group has moved the website to a different company called Epik. But that company has required the pro-life organization to disable the user submission form, according to the Daily Beast. The URL redirected to the right-to-life website when LifeSite tested it today. 

Dillon has also used satire to take on Tripwire Interactive, a video game company that forced out its co-founder and CEO for voicing support for the heartbeat bill. 

I’ve submitted a press inquiry to the game development company that fired their CEO for being pro-life,” Dillon wrote. 

Dillon shared a screenshot of an email he sent to the company’s media relations team that repeatedly referred to the corporation as “clowns.” 

“Dear cowardly clowns,” the email opens, “We’re writing a piece about how you’re all a bunch of clowns and cowards.” 

“Do you have any clownish comments you’d like us to include in our piece about how cowardly and uncannily clown-like you are?” 

He said the Bee is “interested in learning” if the employees at Tripwire dress like clowns or just act like them. He also asked where “cowardly clowns come from” and if they are “born that way” or if it is a “learned behavior.”