LONDON, August 11, 2004 ( – Hours after undergoing an abortion at King’s College Hospital in London, 29-year-old Davina Chambers came face to face with her aborted baby. Chambers was discharged from the hospital after the abortion, and hospital personnel told her that they had done three scans on her and that everything was fine. Then the unthinkable happened. “At midnight, I went to the bathroom and as I was sitting there, I just felt something slip out of me as if I had just given birth. I looked in the toilet and saw this lump that seemed to have a bone in it”, she describes.  Examining the object with her ex-partner, Chambers could distinguish two eyes, a nose, a mouth and even ears. The head measured little more than four centimeters across. Both adults broke down and cried.  Chambers, already caring for her three children, decided to have an abortion and insert a contraceptive device when she learned of her pregnancy. She had recently been diagnosed with a serious liver disorder and suffered from depression due to her medication.  Upon discovering the head, Chambers called for an ambulance and was immediately hospitalized. Doctors told her that she could have died had the head remained lodged in her uterus. The man who had performed the abortion apologized and tried to take away the baby’s remains, but the anguished mother refused to give them up, explaining, “we wanted to have a proper burial.”  A spokeswoman for King’s College Hospital told reporters that a complaint had been filed but that the hospital could not release any information until its investigation of the case was complete.  For more coverage of this story, read   jmo