WASHINGTON, October 11, 2011 ( – Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann vowed last weekend that as president she would restore the protections for unborn life erased by U.S. President Barack Obama, and that she would seek to defund Planned Parenthood.

“My personal experience has shown me how precious life is,” Bachmann told attendees at the Values Voter Summit in Washington D.C.

“That’s why yesterday I was privileged to introduce a bill into the House of Representatives called the Heartbeat Informed Consent Act, because, you see, I believe it’s important that mothers, when they go to an abortion clinic, have the opportunity to hear their baby’s heartbeat and see their baby’s heartbeat on an ultrasound machine,” she said.


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Bachman emphasized the significance of the Heartbeat Informed Consent Act of 2011, which has 29 cosponsors. The legislation would require abortion clinics to provide mothers seeking an abortion with an ultrasound. The bill would penalize abortionists $100,000 for not following the law and as much as $250,000 for repeat offenses.

Bachman said that when undecided mothers see or hear their baby’s heartbeat, “78% of the time mothers choose to give life to that baby.”

The federal legislation is similar to state laws in Texas, North Carolina, Louisiana, and Oklahoma. Such laws have been challenged in the courts in each of these states: Texas, North Carolina, Louisiana, and Oklahoma.

Bachmann, who reminded the audience of her endorsement of the Susan B. Anthony pro-life pledge, said that she fights for the right to life from conception until natural death because she believes that each person, “man, woman, black, white, no matter the economic circumstance,” is made in the “image and sacred likeness” of God.

She committed her presidency to the fight to deny the abortion giant Planned Parenthood “their very rich $300 million-a-year stipend that that billion-dollar-a-year corporation is now receiving.”

Bachmann, who has established herself as a leading fiscal conservative, has been a top pro-life voice in Congress since she was elected to her current office in 2006. In January, the mother of five and foster mother of 23 told an audience at the 2011 March for Life Rose Dinner that life is “not a sidebar issue.”