January 27, 2011 ( – It was a whirlwind few days for John-Henry Westen and myself who travelled to Washington to cover the March for Life events along with Kathleen Gilbert and Peter Smith who are based in the area. We also met with numerous pro-life leaders. Development manager Caitlin Bowers and US co-ordinator Matt Anderson manned the LifeSiteNews display at the Hyatt Regency from Saturday to Monday and carried the new LSN banner in the march.


However, at the time of this writing, 8:30 p.m. Thursday, John-Henry has still not arrived home. He went to Reagan airport on Wednesday at 11:30 a.m. for his 1:50 p.m. flight just as a major snow storm hit the city. From that time on it was one cancellation after another, an overnight sleep on the hard airport floor and finally, a series of connecting flights, the first of which took off at 2 p.m. today (Thursday). He will hopefully arrive home by 3 a.m. Friday morning after a last leg, three hour drive from the airport.

As for our reports related to the march, those published to date are listed below. We apologize for a technical error that caused the multiple photos in two reports to cover over large portions of text. The problem has been corrected. 

There were far too many simultaneous events for us to cover this year. We would have needed twice the staff. Still, we think that the reports published should provide you with a good impression of the large scope and impressiveness of this constantly growing national pro-life event. It was amazing and inspiring.

* 5 Cardinals, 39 Bishops, 10,000 faithful pack basilica for Vigil for Life Mass
* Coming and going: filling the U.S. national basilica and Metro with pro-life youth
* ‘World’s largest’ student pro-life conference equips, energizes young pro-life vanguard
* Nearly 50% of top colleges’ health plans cover abortion: Students for Life
* Obama pledges abortion support on 38th Roe v. Wade anniversary
* 400,000 March for Life in DC with great joy
* GOP House Leader at March for Life: permanent ban on taxpayer funding of abortion top priority
* Post-abortive mothers share stories of grief, redemption on Supreme Court steps
* Pro-life texting campaign launched at Life Marches