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BALTIMORE (LifeSiteNews) — Baltimore Mayor Brendan Scott has tested positive for COVID-19 despite being fully vaccinated, according to a press release from his office Monday.

The press release said that “despite being vaccinated and following Baltimore City’s health protocols, breakthrough infections are a real threat,” and claimed that “this could have been a different situation if Mayor Scott were not vaccinated.” Scott had received the Johnson & Johnson jab back in March, making his one of the latest in a series of increasing “breakthrough” cases of COVID-19.

The mayor is asymptomatic and is self-isolating at home, according to the press release.

“If you’re not vaccinated, shut up,” Scott had said in August after reimposing an indoor mask mandate. “For anyone that’s frustrated about wearing a mask, and not vaccinated, then look in the mirror. It’s your fault that we’re going back to having an indoor mask mandate.”

Now, Baltimore city health care officials are working on contact tracing efforts to contact people that may have had contact with fully vaccinated Scott over the weekend. Four Baltimore City Council members are known to have had close contact with Scott this past weekend, of whom one is self-isolating, one tested negative for COVID-19, and the remaining two are following CDC guidelines.

While the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) continues to maintain that the jabs are safe and effective, with breakthrough cases being a rarity, a recent study published on September 30 by Eurosurveillance found that a COVID outbreak swept through an Israeli hospital, in spite of the use of surgical masks by patients and personal protective equipment by staff. Of the 42 cases of COVID-19 in the outbreak, 38 had received a double dose of the Pfizer jab. Eight jabbed patients suffered from severe illness, of whom six became critical, and five died.

Another Israeli study found that fourteen Israelis got COVID-19 within days of receiving a third dose of the Pfizer jab. The Pfizer boosters as of last July are about 39% effective in light of the delta variant, according to the Israeli Health Ministry, as opposed to the 94-99 percent effectiveness during launch.

In the United States, breakthrough cases are happening in universities across the country, with Harvard Business School going virtual last week because of an outbreak that primarily effected jabbed graduate students. Of the of the 74 cases of COVID-19 on campus, 60 were of jabbed grads.

In May, the CDC changed the metric for counting breakthrough cases of COVID-19, saying that breakthrough cases counted those that led to hospitalization and death. Before the change, any case of COVID-19, regardless of hospitalization or mortality, was considered a breakthrough case.