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(WND News Center) — The FBI attempted to sic its agents on innocent Americans after a major banking corporation datamined its own customers and voluntarily gave the bureau a list of customers who had made purchases in the Washington, D.C., area around the January 6, 2021, Capitol riot.

They also gave names of anyone who at any time previously has purchased a weapon.

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The FBI, of course, has lost much of its credibility in recent years, to the point there have been calls to defund the organization because of its conspiring with Democrats to manufacturing the “Russia collusion” claims against former President Donald Trump.

That campaign included FBI agents and lawyers assuring each other they would not let Trump be president, and the use by agents and lawyers of manufactured evidence in federal court.

Now a report from The Federalist reveals what whistleblower George Hill has told the House Judiciary Committee.

That would be that, “Bank of America, with no directive from the FBI, datamined its customer base.”

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The report by Margot Cleveland explains the FBI’s Washington office “pushed local offices to open criminal investigations into Americans based solely on financial transactions Bank of America tracked and voluntarily provided to the bureau.”

She said The Federalist reviewed the testimony.

Cleveland reported Hill had identified himself last month “as one of the whistleblowers cooperating with congressional investigators when speaking with Just the News’ John Solomon about the disclosures he made to the House Judiciary Committee during a transcribed deposition. A review of Hill’s testimony confirms the details the military veteran and former longtime FBI and NSA analyst told Solomon. It also reveals more troubling details.”

For instance, the report said, Hill explained that around the time of the Capitol riot, Bank of America gave to the FBI a “huge list” of people who used its cards in D.C., Maryland, or Virginia.

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And it elevated “to the top of the list” those who ever had used a bank card on a weapons purchase.

It was so overreaching, Hill explained, that the top list would have included someone who bought a shotgun in 1999 in Iowa, and used a Bank of America card for a hotel around the time of the riot.

The Washington office then sent the list to field offices across the country, even though “There’s no crime that was committed by using a [Bank of America] product in the District or around the District.”

The D.C. office then pressured other field offices to open up “cases” against innocent Americans, the report said.

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Some responses from those offices included, “No, we’re not going to open up cases based on credit card or debit card activity that took place.”

The Federalist said, “Hill’s deposition testimony raises another troubling possibility: that one or more of the other 54 local FBI field offices either complied with the D.C. field office’s initial request to open investigations into innocent Americans, or later capitulated when the D.C. office escalated the request up the chain of command to the ASAC and then the SAC.”

Reprinted with permission from the WND News Center.


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