LOS ANGELES, July 2, 2002 ( - Bankrupt movie-maker Michael Ovitz says homosexual cooperation within Hollywood is responsible for his loss of $200 million when Artists Management Group went bust a year ago. He called such cooperation among homosexuals and their sympathizers effectively a “gay mafia”—including openly homosexual record mogul David Geffen, Walt Disney Chairman Michael Eisner, Ron Meyer of Universal Studios, and Bernie Weinraub, the New York Times’ Hollywood reporter.  Ovitz told Vanity Fair magazine that their combined efforts wrecked three attempts to rescue his company: AT&T had agreed to put in $150 million, but backed out at the last moment; Disney mysteriously spiked a $165 million investment deal; Diller promised a similar amount, with Universal’s backing, “but also quit without explanation.”  Assorted Hollywood stuffed shirts closed ranks. “You’re not serious,” exclaimed USA Chairman Barry Diller, “Wow! He said that on the record? Wow… wow, wow. A statement like that is ... worse than unfortunate. It’s fairly rotten.” Predictably, Geffen said: “This is so crazy. This is insane. I think he needs a psychiatrist. It’s so paranoid, and so crazy, and so irresponsible, and makes him look like such a nut. On a scale of 1 to 10 crazy, it’s 11.”  Vanity Fair’s writer, however, abandons all pretence of objectivity, asserting that the “deposed king [Ovitz] ... has finally gone off the deep end - blaming gays for his ruination” in what the magazine characterizes as “a stunning on-the-record diatribe.” No attempt was made to investigate formal and informal cooperation by homosexuals and those who share their social and political agenda in Hollywood.  To read New York Post coverage see:

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