PHOENIX, June 20, 2003 ( – The Southern Baptist task force on ministry to homosexuals has issued a call for the church to set up a “dual ministry of speaking the truth about homosexuality and simultaneously ministering to homosexuals,” according to reports.  “There is a dualistic kind of ministry required when we come to this topic,” said Bill Merrell, a member of the task force. “We are not at liberty to renegotiate the teaching of Scripture. We have a proclamation responsibility, which has to do with expositing, exegeting [and] stating very plainly what the Scriptures teach about this or some other lifestyle choice that is declared to be sinful. We also have a responsibility of doing productive, effective and redemptive ministry to people of all classes.”“We, as Southern Baptists, believe that a person can experience freedom—sexual purity in their life…” said newly-ordained minister Jack Graham. “We do not believe that people are captured by a way of life that does not please God. A person can come out of that lifestyle. There can be a past tense experience and the cleansing experience of the blood of Christ, the forgiveness of God.”  For local coverage: and