By Hilary White
LONDON, December 6, 2007 ( – The BBC presented its latest “relevant” non-religious interpretation of the birth of Christ, this time as a political tale in support of illegal immigration. The latest “contemporary” interpretation features the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Joseph as “asylum seekers”, or illegal immigrants and a female politician as “Herodia” engaging in a campaign cracking down on immigration.
The BBC is advertising the play, that will be performed live, as an “intimate, personal” story of a pregnant young girl as “fresh and relevant today as it was 2,000 years ago”.
The drama is set in the economically depressed port city of Liverpool and includes musical accompaniment from the Beatles. Jennifer Ellison, a former soap opera star and glamour model will play an angel, dressed in a skin-tight silver lamé cat suit costume.
The Daily Telegraph’s religion correspondent Jonathan Petre called it a “politically correct” version that has upset traditional Christians. He quotes Tony Kilmister, the vice-president of the conservative Anglican Prayer Book Society, who denounced the production as “gimmickry”.
“This is not the sort of thing that Christmas needs,” he said. “The story is loved and revered by Christians around the world. There is a dignity to it that will be lost. Adding political correctness of this sort is harmful and quite uncalled for.”
The programme will air live on BBC Three on December 16.
One reader at the Daily Telegraph website commented, “Oh dear, the poor loves at the BBC are still stuck in the 1970s it seems. Desperate to be ‘controversial’. It’s all a bit pathetic really.”
Another fed up Brit wrote, “Oh how very courageous of the BBC…Time to cut off funding to this odious organisation that promotes everything except the interests of the vast majority of people who are compelled to pay for it.”
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