By Meg Jalsevac

  BRITAIN, August 31, 2007 ( – In conjunction with the beginning of the LBGT History Month in the UK, the BBC has scheduled a week long roster of pro-homosexual television for its viewers.  The programming was scheduled in the first week of September to also coincide with the 50th anniversary of the release of the Wolfenden Report which legalized homosexuality in Britain in 1957.

  The week long extravaganza of gay-themed TV has been officially named the ‘Hidden Lives Series’.  The programming will range from movies with homosexual themes, to historical documentaries and the personal stories of homosexuals.

  According to the BBC Four schedule, the Hidden Lives Series will kick off on Saturday, September 1 with a multi-part history piece giving the “story of gay life in Britain since 1918, beginning in the inter-war years.”  The week of pro-gay programs will continue with a supposedly lighter fare entitled, ‘Andrew and Jeremy Get Married’ which will follow a homosexual couple in the days leading up to their ‘marriage’.

  The schedule also includes ‘Gay MPs – Pride and Prejudice in Politics’ which will investigate the history of homosexuality in the British Houses of Parliament.

  Various other full-length films and documentaries will chronicle the lives of several other homosexual men and women in all parts of the world.   Several of the listed programs are listed on the BBC website with the warning of “Adult” (porn) “Themes.”

  Lion Television of Scotland is also participating in the week long pro-gay TV blitz and is the producer of the featured piece, Consenting Adults, a 75 minute special documenting the deliberations and publications of the Wolfenden Report.  A Lion spokesperson told a homosexual news site that the show, “follows the diverse members of the committee as they struggle towards their radical conclusions.”

  The Wolfenden Report was authored by the Departmental Committee on Homosexual Offences and Prostitution.  The committee was convened after several prominent British men were convicted of homosexual crimes and a rise in prostitution was reported throughout the country.

  In regards to homosexuality, the report recommended that “homosexual behavior between consenting adults in private should no longer be a criminal offence”.  The logic used to reach such a conclusion was explained further in the report:  “The law’s function is to preserve public order and decency, to protect the citizen from what is offensive or injurious, and to provide sufficient safeguards against exploitation and corruption of others … It is not, in our view, the function of the law to intervene in the private life of citizens, or to seek to enforce any particular pattern of behavior.”

  Conversely, the committee determined that the rise in prostitution was leading to an environment of “community instability” and “weakening of the family”.  A police effort to limit prostitution was subsequently initiated.

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