B.C., Aug. 6 ( – James Demers lost his latest battle against British Columbia’s bubble zone law in the province’s Supreme Court. The province’s pro-abortion government was very pleased with the decision with “women’s equality” minister,  Jenny Kwan, assuring British Columbians that they will continue to defend the law at the next level if necessary”.

Mr. Demers is challenging the bubble zone law under which he was charged after coming too close to the deceptively named Everywoman’s Health Clinic in 1996. The legislation prevents Canadians from exercising their Constitutionally guaranteed freedom of expression within 60 metres of abortion mills and the homes of abortionists. Mr. Demers said he intends to appeal the decision, but added that he will need financial help from supporters. “

“We’ve done this on a shoestring to date and we’ll probably continue to do it on a shoestring,” he told CP. “Hopefully people will chip in and raise the money to see this thing through.”  Supreme Court justice, Sherman Hood, said that he expected the case to go to the Supreme Court of Canada regardless of his ruling. “The sooner the better, in my opinion, for all concerned and interested,” he wrote. Mr. Hood said that under Canadian law (or more accurately, a lack thereof), women have an absolute right to an abortion and children have no legal right to life.