VANCOUVER, British Columbia, April 19, 2011 ( – Pro-life advocates who posted questions and comments regarding abortion on the Liberal Party in British Columbia’s Facebook page, have been shocked to find their comments repeatedly deleted and names blocked by site administration.


Earlier this week, a few comments were left on the Facebook page relating to the Liberal Party’s “socially liberal” and “left” stance.

One pro-lifer, under the name “Suzana Glaves Kovacic,” posed a question regarding the Liberal Party’s position on abortion.  Kovacic’s comment was also soon deleted and she was blocked from future posting. 

“The majority of Liberal MPs opposed Bill C510, which would have made it a criminal offence to coerce a woman to have an abortion,” wrote Kovacic. “Why is the Liberal Party unwilling to protect a woman’s right to choose to carry her pregnancy to term?”

Within a short period of time, other pro-life advocates began posting on the Facebook page, demanding a response from the Liberal Party on the abortion issue.  Posters referenced and linked to photographs and explanations of partial birth abortions. 

One post, under the name “Cameron Wilson,” called on Liberal politicians to answer the question, “will you stand up for the rights of all Canadians or stand idly by while they get dismembered?” accompanied by a picture of a late-term abortion victim.

All postings were deleted and the persons who posted were blocked by site administration. 

LifeSiteNews contacted the Executive Director of the Liberal Party in B.C., but has received no reply.

Today, the administration of the Facebook page has again censored comments.  A comment, posted under the name “John Vander Thames,” was captured by LifeSiteNews at 14:00 EST and deleted from the site by 14:35 EST.

“John Vander Thames” wrote, “Why is everything on abortion, which the Liberal Party supports, being completely wiped off the Facebook Page? Does the Liberal party have the principle to stand behind a practice it supports? Shrieking about censorship on the part of the conservatives while censoring discussion on a topic the Liberal Party chose to bring up in the first place is scarcely a cogent position.”

Jim Hughes, president of the national pro-life political arm, Campaign Life Coalition, told LifeSiteNews that the political parties’ avoidance of the abortion issue “flies in the face of our democratic rights.”

“The transparency that all the voters deserve from all the political parties in this country has been clouded by the desire of the parties to decide on the agenda themselves,” said Hughes. “They don’t want to hear from grassroots Canadians on what issues are important to them, they want to impose the issues that they want to pursue, on behalf of the people, so to speak.“

“That’s why, even though the majority of the people in the country want some legislation restricting abortion in Canada, it never comes up. The party leaders are fearful of the topic, let alone the issue.”

Contact information:

Michael Ignatieff, Leader
Liberal Party of Canada

National Office
81 Metcalfe St, Suite 600
Ottawa, Ontario
K1P 6M8
Phone: (613) 237-0740
Email: [email protected]