by Hilary White

VANCOUVER, September 13, 2006 ( – BC’s Province newspaper, reports that parents in BC may not be allowed to opt their children out of school programmes promoting the homosexual lifestyle under the rubric of “respecting diversity”.

Surrey School Board Trustee, Heather Stillwell, predicted that the result of the legislation, denounced as coercive by activists, will be parents coming up with creative ways to keep their children out of the classes.

“Every year,” Stillwell told the Province, “there are lots of personal arrangements made between teachers and parents to let kids opt out of certain parts of classes that might not be helpful to those students,” Stilwell said.

“This … is going to take away that freedom. Parents are going to be forced to make a lot of daytime dental appointments to free their kids.”

“What it will force them to do is lie,” Stilwell told reporters. “There’ll be a loss of confidence in the community.”

As a result of a Human Rights Commission case brought by two homosexual men, a “married” gay couple called Murray and Peter Corren, the two men have been granted an extraordinary say in all school curricula from kindergarten to grade 12 in British Columbia schools. Their role is to ensure that all courses are inclusive and gay-friendly.

Although even government spokesmen were unable to say clearly what role the men will play, they two activists are likely to be in an exclusive position to decide what material and whose “experts” are consulted in the government’s curriculum review process.

The Education Ministry has ordered schools to comply with the Alternative Delivery Policy that outlines the reasons parents may withdraw children from school lessons. The restriction of those reasons to exclude any homosexual advocacy was part of the deal worked out between the government and the two men.

Stillwell is warning government that the requirements will put parents into an untenable conflict over their duty to protect their children.

“A strict application would say the teacher can’t (allow children to opt out), and we know that’s not right,” Stilwell said. “All of this time, we have made accommodations for parents and students. (The ministry’s) not looking at the wider ramifications.”

Murray Corren called for the new K-12 curriculum to include, “Queer history and historical figures, the presence of positive queer role models—past and present—the contributions made by queers to various epochs, societies and civilizations and legal issues relating to (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered) people, same-sex marriage and adoption.”

The development imposes yet another extraordinary exception from normal rules because it has been insisted upon by gay activists. Homosexual activists have won special exceptions from laws regarding public nudity, sexual solicitation, public sex acts, group sex in their so-called “bath houses”, normal medical safeguards to contain the transmission of dangerous communicable diseases, the posting of sexually explicit billboards and much more. B.C. children are certain to be gradually desensitized by the across the board school curricula changes to become accepting of these practices and other aspects of the highly sexualized gay culture.
  Corren objected that allowing parents to remove their children from the classes will defeat the whole object of the exercise.

“There’s no point in us making the curriculum more queer-positive if people can take their kids out,” Peter Corren told the Province yesterday. “This is the public education system. The School Act is quite clear … religion does not play a role in what is taught. We just want the policy to be followed.”

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