VANCOUVER, Mar 15, 2001 ( – British Columbia Premier Ujjal Dosanjh demonstrated his militant pro-abortion activism once again yesterday during his throne speech. “My government is committed to protecting a woman’s right to make her own decisions about her body and about abortion. My government helped make a woman’s right to choose a reality. We will fight to ensure that a woman’s reproductive rights are safeguarded and never taken away,” he said.

He continued: “Earlier this year, my government gave pharmacists the ability to dispense emergency contraceptives to women throughout BC. Our work to ensure women have better access to emergency contraceptives will be confirmed in amendments to the Pharmacists, Pharmacy Operations and Drug Scheduling Act.

“My government will take further action to secure a woman’s right to choose. These changes will help ensure abortion services and counselling are available outside of the Lower Mainland and Capital Region. They will protect the safety of patients and service providers. They will assist with the important work of finding safe and less invasive pharmaceutical alternatives to surgical abortions.”

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