VANCOUVER, Jan 13 (LifeSiteNews) – Mary Wagner was acquitted on two of three counts of breaking the Bubble Zone at her trial Tuesday. She was found guilty on a third count of interference with a client, and sentenced to 15 days in jail and fined $1,000.  Mary, originally charged with six counts of Bubble Zone infractions, saw the first three charges dismissed on January 6, 2000. These charges stem from the young woman’s prayerful witness outside Vancouver’s first abortion mill, Everywoman’s.

Mary stands at the door of the abortuary offering roses and assistance to abortion-bound women. The people operating the facility object to this because they lose customers and that costs them money. One rose was entered into evidence by the crown against Mary.

The judge’s decision means that Mary must serve at least 10 more days in jail (she will get one third of her sentence off for good behavior) and she should be released Friday, January 21.

(with files from CLC B.C.)