KAMLOOPS, BC, Mar 26, 2001 ( – Spurious criminal charges of uttering threats against abortuary workers which were laid against BC pro-life activist Merle Terlesky have been dropped but Merle still faces charges of violating the bubble zone. The Kamloops Daily News reports today that the remaining charges were laid when two women undercover police officers asked Merle for information while they were standing inside the 50 metre bubble zone surrounding an abortuary. The legislation states that anyone protesting abortion outside a clinic cannot do so within 50 metres of the entrance. (The Daily News (Kamloops) Mon 26 Mar 2001 City/Region A3 Crime)

BC pro-life leader Ted Gerk of the Pro-life Resource Centre told LifeSite that the bizarre police action was a “form of entrapment.” He said that of late, the police at the abortuaries were acting “very unprofessionally” and wondered if it was not part of the radical BC government’s promise to become more hard-line on abortion. In a half-hour paid TV broadcast last month, British Columbia NDP Premier Ujjal Dosanjh announced his “commitment to a woman’s right to choose will be tested as we take steps in the coming months to further strengthen that right.”

More evidence of the BC governments increasing hostility to pro-lifers was revealed today as Labour Minister Joy MacPhail unveiled a government resolution regarding abortion.

(with files from Pro-Life E-News)