Thursday December 17, 1998


VANCOUVER, Dec 17 (LSN) Yesterday, Madame Justice M.E. Saunders of the Supreme Court of British Columbia ruled in favour of a group of pro-homosexual teachers in B.C. Whether this leads to a marked increase in the number of home and private educated children in the region remains to be seen. The teachers took the Surrey School Board to court to maintain the right to provide kindergarten and grade one children with pro- homosexual books. Last April the Surrey Board made a “books resolution” banning three books designed specifically to indoctrinate children with the notion that practicing homosexual households are morally the same as normal families.

In many cases when activist judges want to impose their own (im)morality on a community they argue that community standards justify the move. In this case it was impossible to do so because a poll of the Surrey community revealed that a majority of the residents backed the board’s decision to ban the pro-homosexual books. Sixty-one percent of the residents polled believed that the “three proposed books dealing with same- sex couples should not be used in kindergarten and grade 1 classrooms under any circumstances.”

Supporters of the pro-homosexual books were outraged that the poll was taken, exposing the public opposition to the homosexualist agenda. Peter Ellis of the Surrey Teachers Association said he would be “demanding to know what this poll cost, since the Surrey taxpayers paid for it.” Nevertheless these same supporters of the books have cost the board untold thousands of dollars by taking it to court over the ban.

In her ruling, Saunders claimed that the Books resolution was made because of religious convictions and therefore “contrary to s.76(1) of the School Act,” which states that schools are to be “conducted on strictly secular … principles.” She did not force the school to approve the books, but she nullified the validity for the board’s refusal to ban them.

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