VICTORIA, May 31, 2002 ( – The B.C. Liberals tabled draft legislation to scrap the province’s Human Rights Commission, leaving only a simple tribunal to hear complaints. The move, if it goes ahead next fall, would make B.C. the first province to tackle the power-hungry bodies whose zany decisions have removed citizen’s basic liberties.  Attorney-General Geoff Plant said his goal is to restore “public confidence” in human rights protection. “The process has been rife with delay, people caught within human rights complaints usually feel like they’re lost in some kind of Kafkaesque nightmare.”  Jon Hof, B.C. president of Campaign Life Coalition, says the commission deserves to die because, “They were the antithesis of common sense and a waste of tax dollars,” handing down decisions that baffled most British Columbians. More importantly, he says, such bodies have no interest in the right to life – the most basic human right that pre-exists all others.  Some of the more objectionable rulings of Canadian Human rights Commissions include punishing mayors of communities that do not want to proclaim Gay Pride Day, and fining a Christian print shop owner for refusing to print homosexual propaganda even though it is against his religious convictions to do so.  For newsday coverage see: