VANCOUVER, Nov 29 ( – The University of British Columbia (UBC) has announced an investigation into the purchase of fetal tissue from abortuaries by one of its researchers. 

Dr. Richard Spratley, UBC’s associate vice-president of research, told the Canadian Press that the University’s research ethics board will investigate the deal involving the Anatomic Gift Foundation, a baby-parts marketer in the US. 

While the Canadian Press and Canadian papers, which covered the story failed to mention the name of the researcher involved, they did mention he was “a pediatrician, who used to have a lab at UBC, [and] requested lungs from 16- to 24-week-old foetuses from AGF for his research.” 

In August Life Dynamics Inc., a US pro-life group revealed the name of the Canadian researcher along with their expose of the abortion mills’ baby parts racket. With the help of an undercover worker, the pro-life group secured an order form for lungs of aborted babies from Canadian government funded researcher Dr. Vanugram Venkatesh of UBC. 

With files from the National Post.

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