ROME, September 13, 2012 ( – The Vatican’s Secretary of State told a group of new bishops Wednesday they must be ready to eschew the “fashion of the moment” in favor of authentic Church teaching – even when unpopular.


Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone was preaching a homily focused on the Gospel reading of the beatitudes during a 10-day seminar for 95 new bishops, including 17 from America and eight from Canada, according to the Catholic News Service.

In the beatitudes, Jesus emphasizes that those who are persecuted for His sake are blessed – a possibility still very much alive for Church leaders today, the cardinal said.

“If people criticize us because we are not faithfully living our vocation and our mission, certainly we must examine ourselves and change,” said Bertone.

“But if we are criticized because we aren’t living according to the criteria of the world and the fashion of the moment, we must remain firm in our fidelity to the Gospel and to the authentic teaching of the church.”