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April 21, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — In an interview with LifeSiteNews, Ohio attorney Thomas Renz, who has filed a lawsuit against the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) over allegedly artificially inflated COVID-19 case and death counts, urged everyone to fight unjust coronavirus policies.

“Fight. Don’t accept that you have to wear a mask, don’t accept that you have to inject an experimental vaccination in your kid’s arm. Do not do it. We have the ability to fight,” Renz told LifeSiteNews at the Health and Freedom Conference in Oklahoma last week.

“Call your county commissioners, call your town council, whoever you gotta call. Call someone, do something,” Renz continued.

“Educate your friends. That doesn’t mean scream at them, that doesn’t mean yell at them, it certainly doesn’t mean yell at the $9-an-hour guy in the store who’s saying ‘you gotta wear a mask or I get fired,’” he said.

“What it means is you’ve (got to) start reaching out and educating people, telling them there’s truth that’s out there, you’re just not seeing it in the media because the media’s complicit. It’s unbelievable, the corruption.”

“So educate people, Take a stand. Be willing to stand for something, be willing to fight for something,” said Renz.

Renz himself is fighting in the way that he can do best: as an attorney challenging coronavirus lockdowns, mask mandates, and business closures. 

“I’m filing an awful lot of lawsuits, trying to cause as much of a stink as possible, trying to get our freedom back,” he told LifeSiteNews. 

Renz told the incredible story of one of his clients, whose life was put at risk because of Wuhan coronvirus lockdown policies. 

“My first client in was this lady who was immediate post-(operation) on stage four cancer. We had to go to the media because we had approached the governor of Ohio and asked him for an exemption because no one was allowed to travel, no one was allowed to do anything, everybody was locked down, and she needed to get to her post-op appointment and she was unable to do so because of the lockdown.”

“Well, if you’re stage four cancer and you’re post-op, you can’t wait, you die. And so she has to call an attorney. I mean how do you pay for an attorney when you’re post-op stage four cancer?”

“It was unbelievable. We get this resounding ‘I don’t care’ from the governor. I mean he didn’t say ‘I don’t care,’ but that’s pretty much what we got. I mean, you tell me you’re trying to save lives, and this is what you’re doing?”

“So I knew it was fraudulent, I mean the numbers weren’t adding up, these people weren’t doing what they said they were doing, they didn’t actually care about lives. So I prayed a lot, an awful lot, honestly.”

“And I told God, I said listen, if this is what you’ve got for me, I’ll do my best. And I’ve been doing that ever since,” Renz continued. 

In February, Renz filed a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) and a Show Cause Order against the CDC and HHS, “asking the Court to order the CDC and HHS to stop counting COVID deaths using their new revised method, including to stop using the PCR test to diagnose COVID.”

The Ohio Stands Up website explains that “most test kits include disclaimers stating that they should not be used to diagnose COVID,” and “This new counting method and reliance on PCR tests” “only artificially inflates COVID case and death numbers, which governors are using to justify their response to COVID.”

“If the Court rules in our favor, it means the CDC and HHS must stop using this new counting method and PCR test, and return to counting COVID stats like they do for all other diseases,” the site explains. “Once this happens, it will show that COVID isn't the threat and the national emergency they keep saying it is.”

Renz told LifeSite, “Before March, I put out a little blog that said, this is kind of scary to me, it looks like we’re gonna be willing to give up our freedom for what I think’s going to end up being about like the flu.”

“It turned out I was right that it’s about like the flu. And it turned out that I was right to be afraid, because we stood aside and watched everything that our country stands for be destroyed.”