TORONTO, January 17, 2006 ( – At least one independent election-watching website,, is calling Toronto’s Beaches-East York “too close to call” as Liberal incumbent MP Maria Minna takes on Peter Conroy of the Conservative Party and Marilyn Churley of the NDP as other front-runners.

Voter concerns over life and family issues, as well as over various scandals that have plagued the Liberal Party, may injure Minna. She has been an ardent supporter of same-sex “marriage” and was dropped from cabinet in 2002 after being accused of breaking election laws.

Peter Conroy is the only Beaches-East York candidate supporting the traditional definition of marriage and human life at all stages. He describes himself as “a strong advocate of conservative principles.” In a speech at the Conservative nomination meeting on May 14, 2005, Conroy also made it clear that, “I support the traditional definition of marriage. That marriage is the union of one man and one woman.”

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