Becerra dodges abortion question with story about mother’s rosary

The nominee for Secretary of Health and Human Services refused to answer when pressed on whether there were any limits on abortion that he would support.
Fri Feb 26, 2021 - 2:01 pm EST
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WASHINGTON, D.C., February 26, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) – President Joe Biden’s nominee for Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS), California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, came under fire this week for his refusal to answer questions about his pro-abortion stance, going so far as to invoke the rosary in one of his dodges Wednesday.

As highlighted by the Daily Caller, Republican Sen. Steve Daines of Montana pressed Becerra on whether there were any abortion restrictions he would support; Becerra refused to name any.

“But is there, to be clear, is there any line you would draw?” Daines asked. “Is there just one restriction, as it relates to abortion, that you might support?”

“From the stories I’ve heard from my wife, I know how hard many women struggle just to save the life of their baby,” Becerra responded. “I know that right now, as I speak, my mother has blessed me this morning, as I got ready to come here and last night I know when she prayed the rosary as she does every day, every evening with my aunt, that she said a prayer and included me in that prayer.”

As Attorney General of the Golden State, Becerra has shown a marked hostility to Americans who follow Judeo-Christian teaching on matters such as abortion and homosexuality, from forcing churches to subsidize elective abortions and nuns to subsidize contraceptives, to forcing pro-life pregnancy centers to advertise abortion resources, to refusing to fund state employees’ travel to South Carolina in protest of its law protecting adoption agencies that insist on giving children both a mother and a father.

Becerra was also responsible for enforcing draconian restrictions on religious assembly in the name of containing COVID-19, and joined other Democrat officials across the country in using the pandemic as a justification to demand abortion pills be approved for unsupervised home use.

Throughout the week, Republican senators assailed Becerra for his support of effectively-unlimited abortion and his refusal to own up to it, including his refusal to answer whether babies aborted in the second trimester should be given pain medication beforehand.

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