By Peter J. Smith

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WASHINGTON, D.C., August 27, 2009 ( – Glen Beck says that Germany went terribly wrong from two things: the nation “ran out of money” and it had “crazy people” – the National Socialists – running a centralized bureaucracy that extended its reach into all corners of German society, and particularly in the nation's universal health-care system.

For Beck, the list of Obama advisors behind health-care reform certainly seems to fit the description of “crazy people.” But Beck is drawing lessons from Nazi Germany and how its nationalized health-care program nourished a cornucopia of horrors that culminated in the Shoah: the destruction of six million Jews and other atrocities of similar magnitude. This horror had its root in Anglo-American eugenics and was founded on one core principle: some lives have more intrinsic worth than others.

During the 1930s, “social progressives” such as Joseph Kennedy, patriarch of the Kennedy clan, viewed Nazi Germany with admiration, and its health-care policies were considered the envy of the world. Anglo-American eugenicists such as Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, heaped praise on the Nazi eugenics program. For most Europeans, National Socialism represented the destiny of Europe. Few shared the opinion of Winston Churchill, the last of the Victorians, who remained constant and outspoken in his conviction that National Socialism represented the end of Christian Civilization and heralded a new chapter of human history guided “by the lights of perverted science.”

Eugenics became discredited in the horrible aftermath of the Second World War, especially among Americans, as many saw Hitler's “final solution” as a direct consequence of eugenic philosophy. But, as historical memory dims and as President Obama aggressively expands the size and scope of the power of the Executive Branch through his czars, Beck is asking, could America find itself going back to the future?

At one point in going through the facts about Obama's health care experts, Beck exclaims, “Is it truly crazy to have these conversations?” The special advisors or “czars” surrounding President Barack Obama have resumes that are the stuff of conspiracy theorists and science fiction novelists. But the facts are there; their opinions and attitudes on the value of human life are deeply disturbing. Worse still, Beck says: these men and their ideas are behind Obama's health-care reform and have power.

“This is the stuff they are now saying out loud. What are they saying behind closed doors when we aren't there to watch it,” asks Beck, pointing out to his viewers that under the Constitution, these special advisors do not have to answer to anyone but the President himself.

So what will government-run health care become for Americans if it embraces a policy of rationing based on Cass Sunstein's “Quality of Life Adjusted Years” lead, or Dr. Ezekiel Emmanuel's “Complete Lives System?” Add to the mix John Holdren, the Science Czar, who wrote a book on totalitarian population control. With people like these behind health-care reform, Beck makes the point that the specter of Sarah Palin's “death panels” looks a lot more real. Especially when it comes to rationing health-care, which Beck says must surely happen under Obama's proposals.

“Government officials are going to have to be in the position of deciding how to allocate scarce resources,” says Beck.

Why? The laws of supply and demand still apply in health-care. If 50 million are added to the list of insured, that means an added burden on the current supply of primary care physicians and specialists. But with government subsidies and low co-pays, people will also have little incentive to refrain from making unnecessary doctors visits or seeing specialists that they may not need. And that means government, which foots the bill, will have to make those choices.

Germany's National Socialists and Obama's health-care reform experts have a key thing in common as Beck makes clear: they both embrace the idea of establishing universal health-care systems on the principle that “quality of life” or usefulness to the collective good of society ultimately matters in the equation of how a human being receives health-care. That is, if they agree that the patient is human in the first place. On that point, John Holdren may have more in common with National Socialists than Americans are comfortable with.

 In fact, Beck supposes that understanding Holdren may give some insight into the Green Movement, saying “how many people in the Green Movement think people are a virus?” Beck says that Van Jones, Obama's “Green Jobs Czar” also has a hand in health-care reform as part of Obama's inner circle. Jones describes himself as a “basically a community organizer with the federal family.”

And while everyone agrees that the heath care system needs improvement, Beck observes that replacing the profit motive of insurance with the power motive of government may not be in everyone's best interests. The proposed cure could appear more lethal than the disease. The lessons learned from one of the most darkest chapters of human history may provoke Beck's viewers to “question with boldness” the trajectory of the United States under President Obama and the czars.

“When you start valuing life differently, then you've already started down that path,” says Beck, pointing to the experience of Germany, once regarded as a symbol of the future of world civilization.

Beck lays out the facts, but at the end of the day, only the viewer can judge for himself the answer to this question: is America headed back to the future?

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