REDONDO BEACH, CA., December 10, 2007 ( – “By the grace of God, I was able to save this baby,” said Eduardo Verastegui, star of the movie, “Bella.” The famous 33-year-old Mexican actor shared this while holding baby “Eduardito” at a LAPS pregnancy center banquet in Los Angeles. Eduardo always hoped his new film would touch lives and inspire souls, but he never imagined “Bella” would help save a real baby’s life before filming even began.

The movie is earning top ratings from movie critics.  Moreover it is causing a sensation wherever it goes. At the New York “Bella” premiere, Grammy winning singer Tony Bennett spontaneously took the microphone from Eduardo Verastegui and gave an impassioned speech through tears about how much he loved “Bella.” Bennett called it the “perfect movie, an artistic masterpiece that every American must see.”

Top Hispanic singer/songwriter Alejandro Sanz, who’s won 15 Grammys, loved “Bella” so much he wrote a song for the movie.

But Eduardo’s most precious testimony goes back to the time he was doing research for his lead role in this award-winning, romantic drama. He tells fans about it in the newly released 2008 edition of LoveMatters, the popular pro-life youth newspaper put out by J.T. Finn.

Eduardo says, “I decided to go to an abortion center to see if I could learn more about what women think and feel when faced with a crisis pregnancy…” That’s when Eduardo met a couple seeking an abortion. He spoke with them for 45 minutes, offering them hope, help, encouragement and his phone number.

“Several months later,” Eduardo continues, “I received a phone call from the man I met with the pregnant lady in front of the abortion center. He said, ‘Hello Eduardo – this is Javier, and I have great news. My boy was born yesterday! I want to thank you and ask your permission – I would like to name him, Eduardo.’”

“I just put the phone down – I couldn’t even talk,” Eduardo says. “It’s the most emotional thing I’ve ever done in my life. It changed my life. It was beautiful. I went to the hospital to meet them and see the baby. A few weeks later, I was holding little Eduardo in my hands. It was beautiful!”

All the details and photos of Eduardo with the baby he saved are available in the newly released 2008 edition of LoveMatters and available online at: