By Steve Jalsevac

May 29, 2008 ( – This past January in Washington, I was unexpectedly introduced to Sean Wolfington, Executive Producer of the movie Bella. I had never met Sean or talked to him but my goodness, did he ever explode with enthusiasm and praise for LifeSiteNews when he heard my name. But it wasn’t our support for Bella that he raved about. He said he reads LifeSiteNews almost every day and was ever so grateful for what he was learning from it on the many issues we cover.

  Here is the email Sean sent to us a few months later:

“LifeSiteNews is fantastic! I look forward to reading it just about every day. It covers an area where so much is going on all the time it’s impossible to keep up. You guys make it easy. You do all the research. I have learned so much that I never realized before. LifeSiteNews is something that everyone should read.  I don’t know how you do it every day, but I am really grateful and I encourage people to generously support you.”

Sean Wolfington
  Executive Producer of Bella

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  Leo Severino, another Bella producer who many of our readers are familiar with and who we met on several occasions, also sent an email:

“LifeSiteNews is hands down the best, most comprehensive news website about the dignity of human life that exists.  We were amazed and humbled at the incredible support our movie, Bella, received from LifeSiteNews.  The film’s great success, both at the box office but even more importantly in the lives that were touched and saved, is in no small part due to LifeSiteNews’ collaboration to spread the word.  In fact, I was many times amazed at how the website would have news and info about the film and support from life communities often times before us, the filmmakers!  I can’t recommend the site strongly enough”

Leo Severino
  Writer/producer “Bella”

  We have had many more such encounters. So, the question is – Why?

  Well, LifeSiteNews is unlike almost all other news services, although many report on some of the same stories. But we do it differently and we report items that few others will touch or even know about.

  We don’t just report what is happening. We try to report why it is happening and especially its deeper implications and how it links to other developments. As well, we often give you background and contact information so that you can do something about it.

  LifeSiteNews has often been months and sometimes even years ahead in reporting on new developments and we have rarely been wrong on our evaluations, much to the chagrin of our critics.

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  Here is what Dawn Eden says about how we present the news:

“Back in 2003, as a blogger and recent convert to the pro-life cause, LifeSiteNews got me started blogging on culture-of-life issues. It enabled me to quickly gain an understanding of what was going on in the movement on a global level. Today, I continue to look to LifeSiteNews for its international coverage, and am particularly impressed with the depth of knowledge its editors bring to life issues, putting them in historical and cultural context to show the motivations of the people and organizations involved.”

  Dawn Eden
  Author of The Thrill of the Chaste
  Washington, DC

  We give you the big picture, the connections, the honest, hard facts, that most other services just can’t or won’t give. 

  All that is why we have such an intensely loyal readership core, especially among leaders in many countries.


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