By Tim Waggoner

LOS ANGELES, September 30, 2008 ( – Participants in a 40 Days for Life vigil held on Saturday outside the Family Planning Associates abortuary in Los Angeles were given a massive boost of inspiration when Bella star Eduardo Verastegui arrived unannounced to take action in spreading the pro-life message.

With the vigil being held outside the busiest abortion facility in Los Angeles, leader John Anthony says he was aware of the trials he and his team faced, but said his prayers were answered with the arrival of Eduardo.

“Eduardo arrived a little after 8 am and did not stop counseling, praying and encouraging women to choose life for their babies – with love, tenderness, humility and compassion – until a little after noon,” said Anthony. “God is good – five babies were saved that morning!”

Incredibly, Eduardo’s presence was enough to convince eight nurses in the abortuary to approach him: “The day had a dramatic ending when eight nurses from the clinic came outside to meet Eduardo!” He spoke with the nurses and gave them copies of his new Spanish language pro-life video, “Dura Realidad.”

“Please pray for these precious turnarounds,” Anthony asked, “and for the conversion of all clinic workers and for Eduardo – what a courageous witness and backer of courageous words with action!”

40 Days for Life, which is a community-based campaign that draws attention to the evil of abortion through prayer, fasting, vigils and community outreach, is taking place in 170 cities in the US and Canada between September 24 and November 2 of this year.