DETROIT, August 4, 2011 ( – A Detroit news report has unfairly implicated local pro-life advocates for a molotov cocktail thrown at an abortion mill, says one top pro-life leader.

Dr. Monica Miller, director of the Michigan-based Citizens for a Pro-Life Society (CPLS), sharply criticized a news piece by Fox TV 2 reporter Amy Lange regarding the attack at Summit Women’s Center.

Lange notes that sometime between Saturday, July 16 and Monday, July 18, an unidentified person cut a hole in the abortuary’s fence and tossed the homemade bomb at its window. The device fizzled, damaging only the outside of the building. The report then cuts to comment from the abortion center’s administrator, who noted that pro-lifers picket the center every Friday and Saturday.

“The protestors assume that every woman that walks through these doors (is) coming here for an abortion. That’s not true. Women walk through these doors for a lot of services every day,” said the administrator as quoted in the report.

Lange’s report continues by adding: “[T]hat particular weekend someone went a step further, hoping to destroy the building.” The report gave no air time for local pro-lifers to defend themselves.

CPLS’s Miller called the report “outrageous,” stressing that her pro-life group “is categorically against the use of violence to end abortion.”

“This is just too much!” she exclaimed. 

“The molotov cocktail could have been thrown by anyone!  How about an irate boyfriend or family member of a woman who had an abortion at this death mill?” said Miller.  “But, of course, it is the dedicated and very peaceful pro-lifers who are accused in this journalistic piece of trash.  I know every single pro-lifer who witnesses for life at this clinic and none of them would ever do such a thing.”

Fox Detroit’s Lange responded, telling LifeSiteNews, “It’s unfortunate Monica Miller interpreted the story in that manner. No one is accused of anything – the point of the story is to assist the FBI in finding the person or people responsible.” 

Asked why comment from pro-life picketers was not included, Lange replied, “The story is not a debate about abortion – it’s an attempt to solve a crime at a clinic.”

The disparaging media attention generated by abortion clinic attacks has previously been exploited by parties apparently hoping to lay blame upon pro-lifers.

Last October, the director of an Oklahoma abortion mill pleaded guilty to staging a fake bomb scare by placing an egg timer in a trash can at her own facility. The building had been by an actual anti-abortion bombing in 1997.

Miller is urging pro-lifers to call the Fox TV 2 newsroom at 248 395-2692, where callers can ask to talk to the station manager.

To contact Amy Lange:
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