OTTAWA, July 15, 2005 ( – Mr. Abdul Hai Patel, of the Islamic Council of Imams Canada, made a presentation to the Senate Committee on the gay ‘marriage’ legislation Wednesday. During his presentation he noted that he is a “former commissioner of the Ontario Human Rights Commission,” and from his experience believes that the gay ‘marriage’ law, “if exercised, can become a subject of future challenges with respect to the Ontario Human Rights Code.”

In his comments before the Senate, the Imam noted that pro-gay and anti-religious discrimination in schools in Canada commenced more than a decade ago.“Education in schools on homosexuality started way back in the 1990s, in 1992 or 1993 in the Toronto school board . . . A number of Muslim parents objected, along with other parents, but they have no choice. In the name of tolerance, they have to be in that classroom. They said if you are not in the classroom, your community, your faith is intolerant.”Â

Imam Patel continued, “This is the trend we are going with; and the trend for changing the contents of the Bible or the Koran or the Torah has already started in the name of hate crimes. Some of the verses of the three major scriptures of the world will come under the hate crimes of Ontario and other provinces. They will say these verses should be taken out or changed. This demand is already there. Where will we stop? That is the concern I have.”

  The gay ‘marriage’ law is likely to be enacted into law next week.