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War escalator and Nordstream pipeline destroyer President BidenPhoto by Win McNamee/Getty Images

WASHINGTON (LifeSiteNews) — The White House plans to ask for $2.6 billion to fund “gender equality” programs, according to an announcement from President Joe Biden on Tuesday. 

I’m proud that my FY 2023 Budget will request $2.6 billion for foreign assistance programs that promote gender equality worldwide,” the president said during his International Women’s Day remarks. The request “more than doubl[es] the amount requested for gender programs last year.” 

Based on his past actions and other statements about “gender equality,” at least some of the money can be expected to go to abortions and birth control in foreign countries. 

As he noted in his Tuesday remarks, the Biden administration has “launched a whole-of-government effort to protect reproductive rights.”  

That includes quickly repealing in January 2021 the Mexico City Policy, which prohibited foreign aid to organizations that commit, promote or refer for abortions. 

A White House fact sheet also groups the $2.6 billion request with the administration’s commitment to advance “sexual and reproductive health and rights at home and abroad at the United Nations’ Generation Equality Forum.”