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WASHINGTON, D.C. (LifeSiteNews) – With issues such as his budget priorities and handling of international crises dominating headlines, President Joe Biden’s “woke” transformation of the United States military has continued largely below the radar, according to a recent report.

Last month, the Center for Military Readiness (CMR) published an update on the Biden administration’s work to infuse the armed forces with left-wing gender ideology, via the most recent version of DoD Instruction 1300.28, a document on “Inservice Transition for Transgender Service Members.” The group says it contains “prime examples of woke-ism in the military, defined as policies that impose progressive ideology and take them to extremes with enforced compliance, even if it hurts the institution.”

First, the document changes the official working definitions of various terms to cater to LGBT dogma, including “transition” as a “period of time when individuals change from the gender role associated with their sex assigned at birth to a different gender role”; replacing “preferred gender” with “self-identified gender.”

“All personnel, including commanders, doctors and nurses, chaplains, and military men and women at all levels, must comply with this ideology or suffer career penalties if they don’t,” CMR warns.

The document also requires the creation of a Service Central Coordination Cell (SCCC) “to provide multi-disciplinary (e.g., medical, legal, military personnel management) expert advice and assistance to commanders with regard to service by transgender Service members and gender transition in the military,” with “gender affirming” being the only real option for personnel suffering dysphoria.

Next, the document extends transgender policies to cadets in the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) and at Military Service Academies. While the exact implications are not yet known, CMR expects it to manifest in controversies involving opposite-sex cadets being housed together and forced to compete against one another, which “would not help to boost application rates at the military service academies, which declined in 2022.”

Additionally, the document provides for deeming a gender transition “complete” even if a recipient has not undergone full surgical transformation, thereby lowering the criteria needed to officially classify a male as a “female” or vice versa. “For facilities subject to regulation by the military, service members will use those berthing, bathroom, and shower facilities associated with their gender marker in DEERS” (the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System), it says.

Further, it “does not mention or call for protection of rights of religious liberty for chaplains and people of faith who object to transgender ideology on moral grounds,” according to CMR. “Nor does the directive provide any options for doctors, nurses, and other medical personnel who do not want to participate in transgender treatments that violate personal convictions or medical ethics.”

“Indeed, all commanders will be held accountable if anyone in their chain of command uses the ‘wrong’ pronouns or makes any statement that might be construed as ‘bias against transgender individuals,’” CMR adds. “Why should a tank company commander at Fort Hood have to concentrate on transgender pronoun etiquette instead of training his company to find, fight, and destroy an enemy force?”

The revised DoDI 1300.28 permits cross-dressing and the use of opposite-sex showers and restrooms on military bases, under the guise of “real life experience,” creating “endless” possibilities for “interpersonal tension and disruption.”

Notably, the document does allow soldiers procedures to “return to their previous gender” if it is determined that a transition “has not resolved the gender dysphoria.” While the change offers a rare acknowledgment of a reality that LGBT activists typically ignore, CMR suggests that it also opens the door to spending large sums of money to correct procedures that should never have been offered in the first place, and potentially a “bonanza for practitioners of highly questionable medical procedures once the military medical establishment approves their work.”

Next, the document “ appears to set up barriers to deter questions and the release of information about specifically named ‘sexual orientation,’ ‘gender identity,’ ‘transgender-related information,’ and ‘incidents of harmful behaviors,’ without permission of the Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel & Readiness,” the purpose of which, according to CMR, “seems to be denial of information, shielding from public view non-personal data reflecting the results of public policies regarding sexual minorities and “harmful behaviors” associated with those policies.”

The steady rise of “woke” ideology within the military, which has persisted and grown since the Clinton years despite the presidencies of Republicans George W. Bush and Donald Trump, has if anything been intensified by Biden, who upon taking office quickly moved to open the military to recruits suffering from gender dysphoria in a reversal of Trump administration policy.

Also early in Biden’s presidency, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin ordered a force-wide stand down “requiring all units to discuss the threat of extremism within 60 days,” as the first step in “a concerted effort to better educate ourselves and our people about the scope of this problem and to develop sustainable ways to eliminate the corrosive effects that extremist ideology and conduct have on the workforce.”

As part of this review, the Pentagon produced training materials identifying pro-life Americans and government critics as potential “extremists” and solicited input from far-left groups such as the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier, who was removed from command of the 11th Space Warning Squadron at Buckley Air Force Base over his criticism of “woke” ideology in the military, says that videos presenting Americans and whites as “evil” were “sent out to every base (and) service member,” who “were asked to watch (them) in preparation for” the extremism stand down.

Biden’s Pentagon leaders are also enforcing COVID-19 vaccine mandates on American service men and women, provoking lawsuits and threatening soldier and pilot shortages in the tens of thousands, which only adds to broader problems of force strength, troop morale, and public confidence.

During a Pentagon press briefing in April 2022 on the Army’s budget for Fiscal Year 2023, Under Secretary of the Army Gabe Camarillo announced the Army had “proactively made a decision to temporarily reduce our end strength from 485,000 Soldiers to 476,000 in FY ’22, and 473,000 in FY ’23.” The Military Times reported at the time that this “could leave the service at its smallest size since 1940, when it had just over 269,000 troops.”

Further, Gallup and Ronald Reagan Institute polls have both shown that the public has lost confidence in the military’s leaders, which presumably also has a significant effect on prospective soldiers’ willingness to sign up.

Perhaps most alarming, in March 2021 Yahoo News revealed a simulation the U.S. Air Force ran the previous fall to assess America’s ability to handle a Chinese biological attack, which culminated in disaster — and, according to one official, was not an outlier.

“More than a decade ago, our war games indicated that the Chinese were doing a good job of investing in military capabilities that would make our preferred model of expeditionary warfare, where we push forces forward and operate out of relatively safe bases and sanctuaries, increasingly difficult,” Air Force Lt. Gen. S. Clinton Hinote, deputy chief of staff for strategy, integration and requirements, told Yahoo at the time. “The definitive answer if the U.S. military doesn’t change course is that we’re going to lose fast. In that case, an American president would likely be presented with almost a fait accompli.”