WASHINGTON, D.C. (LifeSiteNews) – In its latest signaling of solidarity with the LGBT movement, the Biden administration is giving $350,000 to a three-year project to translate an international LGBT lexicon full of sexual slang into Spanish.

The Homosaurus is a “robust and cutting-edge thesaurus that advances the discoverability of LGBTQ+ resources and information,” according to its website. It promotes the notion that gender is “assigned at birth” rather than a biological reality, recognizes a large variety of niche “gender identities,” and is full of definitions for sex practices and vulgar sexual slang.

Detransitioning, the act of reverting to one’s true sex after attempting to live as the opposite, is defined as “Ceasing or reversing the process of gender transition for any reason, including personal safety, stigma, costs associated with transitioning, health concerns, to regain fertility, etc.,” without acknowledging that it can also be a rejection of the harms of transitioning in the first place.

The Washington Free Beacon reported that the National Endowment for the Humanities is awarding a grant to the University of Washington to make a “Spanish-language version of the Homosaurus.” The project description bills the Homosaurus as a resource for “ libraries, archives, museums, and other heritage institutions.”

The project “received strong reviews and support from the NEH at each stage thus far,” University of Washington feminist scholar Marika Cifor, who is heading the project, told the Beacon. “Direct translation seems simple on its surface, but it won’t be culturally adequate to the kind of vocabulary we want to build.”

Uncompromising support for the extremes of the gender-fluidity movement has been a cornerstone of Joe Biden’s presidency, from holding White House events to “affirm transgender kids” to condemning state laws against subjecting minors to surgical and chemical transition procedures as “close to sinful.”