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(LifeSiteNews) – The Biden Department of Justice has revealed plans to fund a $1 million program to create a “LGBTQ+ and Two-Spirit youth” center.  

This month, the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP), a branch of the Department of Justice (DOJ), announced it is offering $1 million to build a “National Resource Center for Justice-Involved LGBTQ+ and Two-Spirit Youth.”

According to the OJJDP, the center will “develop and disseminate resources (e.g., fact sheets, toolkits, online curriculums, webinars, training and guidance manuals, etc.).” 

The program will seek to provide “training and technical assistance to juvenile justice practitioners to assist them in meeting the needs of justice-involved LGBTQ+ and Two-Spirit youth.” 

It will also “inform justice systems policies, practices, and/or programs.” The project aims to “support juvenile justice system reforms that address the needs of justice-involved LGBTQ+ and Two Spirit youth.”  

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The agency is unclear on the meaning of “Two-Spirit,” but it states that “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Gender Non-Conforming, and Two-Spirit youth, is an umbrella term” and that it refers to “youth who identify with a sexual or gender identity other than cisgender.” 

According to a ” LGBTQ glossary” published by John Hopkins University, “two-spirit” refers to “certain Native American and Canadian First Nation people who identify with a third gender, implying a masculine and a feminine spirit in one body.” 

Program and Grants Management Specialist at the Office of Justice Programs Leanetta Jessie led a webinar offering further details of the project.  

One goal of the project is to “increase the field’s knowledge of, and capacity to address, protective factors such as: family engagement and acceptance” while another is to identify “gaps in knowledge related to LGBTQ+ and the intersection of youth of color.” 

According to the webinar, the grant recipient is expected to submit regular updates on “gender-responsive program models that are culturally and linguistically competent,” as well as “samples of innovative youth justice policies and practices addressing the needs of LGBTQ+ and Two-Spirit youth.” 

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Studies show that “transgender” children and youth are alarmingly unhappy in their lives, resulting in self harm and suicide, and that so-called “gender transitioning” does not alleviate their long-term mental health problems, but actually makes them worse. A 2017 study in Scotland revealed that virtually all students who identify as “transgender” are committing self harm.  

Recently, young people who reported that they’d been misled and severely damaged by the transgender movement took to social media on March 12 for “Detrans Awareness Day.”