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WASHINGTON, D.C. (LifeSiteNews) — The Biden administration confirmed Monday it will begin “encouraging” Americans to get the updated COVID-19 jab slated for distribution next month. The news comes as media outlets and public officials have begun ginning up fears about a new COVID variant and mask mandates have begun to return in certain areas.

On Monday, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters that an updated COVID shot is expected to hit the market in mid-September and confirmed that the Biden administration wants Americans to get it. 

“Vaccinations against COVID-19 remains the safest protection for avoiding hospitalization, long-term health outcomes and death, which is why we are going to be encouraging Americans to stay up to date on their vaccines,” Jean-Pierre said.

The remarks come despite the fact that the available COVID-19 injections fail to provide lasting protection, do not stop transmission, and have been linked to serious side effects up to and including death.

It’s unclear whether further attempted jab mandates will be forthcoming.

The encouragement for Americans to get the latest version of the COVID-19 injection comes as President Joe Biden previously announced he is asking Congress to fund the development of the new shot.

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In the past week, media and government figures have begun testing the waters for a renewed bout of COVID controls, urging masking and vaccine uptake to confront a new COVID variant labeled BA.2.86. 

Last week, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) stated that individuals who have been infected with COVID in the past or who have received current jabs might be more likely to contract the new strain.

In Georgia, Morris Brown College has already re-implemented COVID-19 mask, social distancing, and isolation mandates, rehashing familiar 2020 timelines by stating the measures are only meant to remain in effect for 14 days. 

Likewise, Rutgers University recently announced that students will be disenrolled from classes if they refuse to get jabbed with COVID-19 shots. Hollywood studio Lionsgate has also reimposed a mask mandate for employees. 

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The reappearance of COVID mandates has sparked frustration and promises of defiance among conservatives.

In Texas, Republican Gov. Greg Abbott unequivocally vowed there would be “NO mask mandates” in the Lone Star State.

Opponents of draconian COVID controls may be in a better legal position in 2023 than in 2020 to resist top-down mandates and restrictions, thanks to significant court decisions finding that the Biden administration ran afoul of its powers in attempting to force Americans to mask up or get jabbed. 

Major rulings include the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision blocking the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) mandate that would have forced large employers to impose jab mandates on their workforce and a district court’s decision finding the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) could not force Americans to wear masks to engage in air travel.