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WASHINGTON, D.C (LifeSiteNews) — President Joe Biden’s Department of Defense (DOD) announced on June 6 that, according to a new rule, HIV-positive troops can stay in the military the armed forces can recruit HIV-positive individuals.

The policy applies to applicants to the college Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC), the service academies, and all others who want to join. Contracting HIV, as long as someone is “asymptomatic” and has an “undetectable viral load,” will no longer preclude a troop from being deployed either.

The change is part of the agenda written for President Biden by homosexual advocacy group Human Rights Campaign.

“Currently, the Department of Defense (DOD) Directive 6485.01 prohibits any person who is HIV-positive from enlistment, appointment, or deployment in the military,” the homosexual advocacy group wrote in its 2020 strategy document. “This bar on service is severely outdated and grounded in medically inaccurate information that does not reflect the standard of care utilized by the medical community. DOD should amend Directive 6485.01 removing the categorical ban.”

The new rule is the latest in a series of actions taken by the administration to push liberal politics into the military.

The DOD created training documents that identify opposition to abortion and the LGBTQ agenda as a characteristic of a possible extremist.

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It also has labeled traditionally Catholic views on gender and feminism as signs of extremism.

Biden reversed the prohibition on gender-confused individuals serving in the military just days after taking office.