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WASHINGTON, D.C. (LifeSiteNews) – The Republican Party wants to “essentially destroy the United States of America,” White House adviser Keisha Lance Bottoms claimed over the weekend.

Bottoms, the former Democrat Mayor of Atlanta, told MSNBC’s Jonathan Capehart that “there is a MAGA Republican agenda that gives no consideration to the rule of law, that has no respect for a woman’s right to choose, that wants to defund the FBI. There is a MAGA Republican agenda that thought that it was okay to attack our nation’s Capitol on January 6.”

“And what we see, again, with this MAGA Republican agenda is an effort to disrupt our democracy,” she continued. “So whether it be through November and beyond November, I think it will always be important to call out any effort there is to destroy, essentially destroy the United States of America.”

“President [Joe] Biden has been very clear” about wanting “to work in a bipartisan effort,” Bottoms claimed, but such efforts are supposedly futile because of his opponents’ alleged lack of “respect for the Constitution” or “for free and fair elections.”

Bottom’s comments echo a concerted effort to paint the White House and the Democrat Party’s political foes as violent, un-American extremists, as well as to tie longtime GOP positions such as opposing abortion to former President Donald Trump. Biden recently went so far as to claim an undefined “extreme MAGA philosophy” was “like semi-fascism,” yet still gives lip service to unity:

In addition to attacking the protection of preborn children, Bottoms alluded to the FBI, which many Republicans want reformed or reined in due to its politically-biased abuses of power, the January 6, 2021 riot at the U.S. Capitol, which Republicans do not condone or defend but have argued led to mistreatment of individuals accused of non-violent misdemeanors, and the “rule of law” (a curious complaint given Biden and Democrats’ record on crime and immigration).

She also invoked “free and fair elections,” likely an allusion to a handful of Republicans’ objections to certifying the 2020 presidential election due to concerns about vote fraud (a part of the process Democrats themselves used in every presidential election they lost in the last 20 years) and the GOP’s opposition to Democrat policies making elections less secure.

Lastly, accusing Republicans of not respecting the Constitution appears to be a catchall slight for the other referenced grievances. In fact, the Constitution does not contain a right to abortion, the Capitol riot was not a viable, organized threat to the Constitution, and safeguarding the Constitution and its protections requires impartial law enforcement and confidence in the integrity of elections.

Further, Biden’s critics say his own commitment to the Constitution is impugned by issues such as his presiding over the aforementioned FBI abuses, his infringements on medical and religious freedom and states’ rights, and his appointment to the U.S. Supreme Court of Ketanji Brown Jackson, who among other issues claimed not to “hold a position on whether individuals possess natural rights.”