Biden: COVID-19 an opportunity to ‘fundamentally change the science relating to global warming’

The Democratic presidential candidate proposed to invest 'billions of dollars' in projects related to climate change.
Fri Apr 17, 2020 - 11:33 am EST
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WILMINGTON, Delaware, April 17, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden identified the recovery needed following the COVID-19 pandemic as an “opportunity” to “fundamentally change the science relating to global warming.” 

Notably, the former vice president under President Barack Obama used the term “global warming,” not the broader and more common “climate change.” He did not explain how science, which is concerned with truth, can “change” all of a sudden.

During a CNN coronavirus town hall event Thursday night, Biden proposed to invest “billions of dollars” in projects related to climate change – for instance, wind and solar energy – as well as new battery technologies.

“The way you deal with recovery is you think much bigger than we have before,” Biden claimed. 

He then suggested that a Biden presidency would lead to far-reaching changes to the American way of life. “I think we have an opportunity now to significantly change the mindset of the American people,” Biden was convinced. “Things they weren’t ready to do even two, three years ago.”

During the town hall event, he specifically mentioned not only policies relating to “climate change,” but also education, a rise in minimum wages, and “significant health care” for every American.

Biden is neither the only one nor the first one to use the current coronavirus pandemic as a stepping stool for pushing a climate change agenda.

At the end of March, Obama took to Twitter, writing: “We’ve seen all too terribly the consequences of those who denied warnings of a pandemic. We can’t afford any more consequences of climate denial. All of us, especially young people, have to demand better of our government at every level and vote this fall.”

Greta Thunberg, the 17-year-old climate change activist from Sweden, has said that while the coronavirus is a terrible event, “it also shows one thing: That once we are in a crisis, we can act to do something quickly, act fast.” 

Margaret Klein Salamon, leader of advocacy group The Climate Mobilization, pointed out that “[w]e’ve been trying for years to get people out of normal mode and into emergency mode.”

“What is possible politically is fundamentally different when lots of people get into emergency mode – when they fundamentally accept that there’s danger, and that if we want to be safe we need to do everything we can. And it’s been interesting to see that theory validated by the response to the coronavirus,” she continued.

“Now the challenge is to keep emergency mode activated about climate, where the dangers are orders of magnitude greater. We can’t think we’re going to go ‘back to normal,’ because things weren’t normal.”

Arthur Wyns, a climate change advisor to the World Health Organization (WHO), argued that “our responses to climate change and the coronavirus are linked.” Wyns made sure to point out that he was writing in a personal capacity, not as a representative of the WHO, which was recently defunded by President Donald Trump.

“[T]he 2020 coronavirus pandemic may lead to a deeper understanding of the ties that bind us all on a global scale and could help us get to grips with the largest public health threat of the century, the climate crisis,” Wyns wrote.

According to Wyns, the current pandemic has led to a dramatic change in behavior. “This temporary shift of gears could lead to a long-term shift in old behaviours and assumptions, which could lead to a public drive for collective action and effective risk management. Even though climate change presents a slower, more long-term health threat, an equally dramatic and sustained shift in behaviour will be needed to prevent irreversible damage.”

Even the Vatican is suggesting a connection between supposed climate change and the coronavirus pandemic. Recently, Pope Francis doubled-down on his belief that the pandemic is “certainly nature’s response” to man’s failure to address humanity’s impact on the environment.

In March, the Pope said he believes that the coronavirus pandemic is nature “having a fit” in response to environmental pollution. “Fires, earthquakes … that is, nature is having a fit, so that we will take care of nature.”

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, Bishop Athanasius Schneider, and Vatican theologian Father Nicola Bux have all argued the pandemic is a chastisement from God.

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