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WASHINGTON, D.C. (LifeSiteNews) — One of President Joe Biden’s judicial nominees, a lawyer who unsuccessfully argued for Dobbs, was taken to task by Republican senators for her pro-abortion extremism.

The Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing on Wednesday to consider Julie Rikelman’s nomination to the 1st U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. She previously worked as an attorney for the Center for Reproductive Rights, an organization that opposes all limits on abortion. In 2019, Rikelman said, in reference to a partial-birth abortion ban in Oklahoma, that “[p]oliticians should never take medical options off the table for pregnant patients.”

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) said that Rikelman’s career “embodies” the “pattern” of Biden nominating “partisan zealots” to the federal bench. “You have spent the majority of your professional life as an extreme zealot, advocating for abortion. That is clearly a heartfelt and personal passion of you. It is a passion you’ve decided to devote your life to but it is not remotely within the mainstream,” Cruz said.

“Your views on abortion are not middle of the road, they’re not views that most people in their typical lives encounter,” he told Rikelman. “You believe for example that abortion ought to be entirely legal right up until the moment of birth including the ninth month of pregnancy, is that correct?”

She denied that she ever took that position as a legal “advocate” and declined to share her personal views.

She has, however, shared her personal views in the past before being nominated – and that includes calling life-saving pregnancy resource centers “faux clinics.” Her 2018 opinion piece in the Huffington Post criticized the Supreme Court for ruling in NIFLA v. Becerra against California in its attempt to force pregnancy resource centers to promote abortion. “Reproductive rights advocates have long been concerned that CPCs use dishonest tactics, like internet deception and falsely presenting staff as medical providers, in order to trick women who are seeking abortion or contraception services into visiting their facilities,” she wrote.

Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) confronted her on what she wrote about the “faux clinics” claim, since many PRCs employ medical professionals. She again referred to her work as an “advocate” when asked to explain her claim about the pro-life centers, which provide free prenatal care, free diapers, free ultrasounds, and other resources.

He said her support for “radical” abortion laws and her criticism of pro-life centers left him with a “grave concern” about her nomination.

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PETITION: Supreme Court must defend religious liberty of Christians who refused to bake gay-wedding cake
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SIGN: The Supreme Court must hear the appeal of Aaron and Melissa Klein as they seek to vindicate their right to decline baking cakes that violate their religious beliefs.

Oregon bakers Aaron and Melissa Klein have been through hell since 2013 when they were sued for refusing to bake a gay-wedding cake that violated their religious beliefs as Christians.

They hope the Supreme Court will hear their appeal against a ruling that ultimately put Sweet Cakes by Melissa out of business and resulted in a state-imposed fine of $135,000.

This persecution of Christians by liberal judges must be corrected by the Supreme Court.

SIGN: I stand with Aaron and Melissa Klein in their fight for justice.

Melissa was forced to bake from home with her husband and five children in September 2013 when a sustained hate campaign dried up business at the store and eventually forced them to fold in 2016.

The Kleins have been embroiled in a never-ending struggle since to uphold the right of all Christians to decline participating in events and messages that violate their faith.

It's time Christians and people of good-will brought this terrible injustice to light. 

SIGN: We demand the U.S. Supreme Court hear the appeal of Aaron and Melissa Klein.

First Liberty lawyers hope the Supreme Court will overturn an Oregon ruling that put the Kleins out of business.

A statement by First Liberty reads: Our attorneys argue that the Constitution protects the Kleins and all Americans from being forced to express a message with which they disagree. The brief states, “Forcing artists to design, create, and decorate custom products against their strongest beliefs abridges the freedom protected by the Free Speech Clause” of the First Amendment.

“Having to shut down the shop was devastating,” Melissa told First Liberty. “Watching something our family had worked so hard on for years to build just disappear in such a short time—it crushed me.”

Thankfully the $135,000 fine was reduced to $30,000 this July by the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries, but the principle at play is much more valuable to the Kleins than money. 

SIGN: The Supreme Court MUST defend the Klein's First Amendment rights.

Please SHARE this petition after signing it, as this case deserves the urgent attention of every American.

Thank you.

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Pro-abortion groups praise her nomination

While during the hearing Rikelman sought  to portray herself as a neutral, objective judge, pro-abortion groups were excited about her nomination and what it might mean for their agenda.

EVERY body, no matter who they are or where they’re from, should be free to make the best decisions for themselves, their families, and their lives.,” NARAL tweeted. “We need judges like Julie Rikelman who will uphold those values.”

Watching Julie Rikelman, nominee for the First Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals, truly gives me hope for the future of our courts and the promise of equal justice for all,” Planned Parenthood President and CEO Alexis Johnson tweeted.

Rikelman told pro-abortion Democratic Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois that she would respect the Dobbs precedent if confirmed.

However, Senate Democrats called her support for abortion proof of her “fidelity to the Constitution.”

“Julie Rikelman has a demonstrated fidelity to the Constitution and rule of law. Any attacks against her work defending the constitutional right to an abortion—which, until recently, was the law—only serve to reflect these right-wing politicians’ own extreme anti-choice views,” the Judiciary Committee Democrats wrote in a statement.

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