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WASHINGTON, D.C. (LifeSiteNews) – The former chief of President Joe Biden’s failed “Disinformation Governance Board” will now lobby Congress and Big Tech to police information, according to a foreign agent registration.

Nina Jankowicz filed as a foreign agent, hired by the Centre for Information Resilience (CIR), a British think-tank partially funded “by grants from the UK government,” according to her filing.

The Biden administration scrapped the board in July, after pushback that began in April. Conservative commentator Jack Posobiec initially flagged the governance board, and Republican leaders such as Senator Josh Hawley gave the issue further attention. Jankowicz had drawn criticism for her stance on free speech, warning about the dangers of a “free speech absolutist,” presumed to be a reference to Elon Musk, taking over Twitter.

“Jankowicz supervises research, executes business strategy, oversees the establishment of CIR’s research, communicates with the media, and briefs individuals and officials on CIR’s research,” the filing states.

A job description attached to the registration states that Jankowicz will serve as “an ambassador for CIR on the Hill, within the Federal Government, media, among tech companies / Silicon Valley, on ‘K Street’, and among potential philanthropic organisations.”

“K Street” refers to the D.C. lobbying complex, as many major firms are located on K Street.

Jankowicz will also “[i]dentify and build relationships within those groups, prioritizing who you think will provide greatest impact for a) raising awareness of CIR and b) providing funding for CIR – keeping cofounders aware of activities through regular updates.”

The one-year contract pays approximately $12,000 per month, or nearly $150,000 per year.

“We collaborate with international and local media to expose disinformation and strengthen public resilience,” CIR explains on its website.

CIR did not respond to an email on Wednesday that asked for more information about its new hire’s role and why a foreign nonprofit is getting involved in American political affairs. LifeSiteNews asked for clarification on Jankowicz’s daily duties and how much of her job involved working with Big Tech and political leaders.

A conservative group led by a former high-ranking congressional legal counsel warned about Jankowicz’ new role and what it would mean for free speech on the internet.

“There are few things leftists love to do more than control speech. Nina Jankowicz didn’t belong in the American government then, and she doesn’t belong in it now,” Mike Davis, founder of the Internet Accountability Project said in a statement to LifeSiteNews.

“She was washed out of the DHS after the Disinformation Governance Board was shut down due to widespread and justified criticism that the board was a third-world speech monitor that silenced President Biden’s critics,” Davis, the former chief counsel to Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA), said in his statement.

“Let’s hope Jankowicz follows the Foreign Agents Registration Act and gives us updates on her contacts with Congress and Silicon Valley,” Davis stated. “We need to see who is going along with her censorship demands that are paid for by a foreign organization that would be hostile to the American concept of and constitutionally guaranteed right to free speech.”

Jankowicz’s record on spotting false information is lacking, to say the least.

Despite being considered an expert in “disinformation,” she falsely claimed that stories about Hunter Biden’s laptop were “disinformation.”

The contents of the laptop include thousands of emails detailing how Hunter Biden and his associates made money through connections with investors in China and Ukraine. The emails also discussed President Joe Biden’s involvement in the deals, with one email alluding to 10 percent of the cut from a deal going to the “big guy,” believed to be the current president.

Both The New York Times and The Washington Post confirmed in March 2022 that the emails were authentic, months after conservative news outlets and cybersecurity experts had already verified contents of the laptop.