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Gigi Sohn testifies during a Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee confirmation hearing examining her nomination to be appointed Commissioner of the Federal Communications Commission in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday, Feb. 9, 2022.Pete Marovich for The New York Times/POOL

WASHINGTON, D.C. (LifeSiteNews) — President Joe Biden’s nominee for a seat on the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has officially withdrawn herself from consideration.

Gigi Sohn faced sharp criticism from conservatives for her previous statements attacking center-right companies such as Fox News. Moderate Democratic Senator Joe Manchin (D-West Virginia) recently announced he would oppose her nomination, which effectively sank any hope that she had left.

Sohn, a lesbian in a same-sex “marriage,” said that America will lose out because she will not sit on the FCC. “The unrelenting, dishonest and cruel attacks on my character and my career as an advocate for the public interest have taken an enormous toll on me and my family. Unfortunately, the American people are the real losers here,” she said.

Fox News was culpable of “destroying democracy,” Sohn had previously tweeted in September 2019. She also shared a tweet that called Trump a “raggedy white supremacist president.” In October 2020, Sohn wrote that Fox News was “state-sponsored propaganda.”

Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz previously called her an “extreme” nominee based on her past statements and affiliations.

“She has deep ties to far left organizations, engages in partisan attacks, and has also promoted anti-police views. For example, she’s retweeted and liked posts by Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez calling for defunding the police. And, in July 2020, during riots in Portland, Oregon, she retweeted a post attacking federal law enforcement officers as ‘armed goons in riot gear with tear gas,'” he noted in his opening statement during a February Senate Commerce Committee hearing.

“Ms. Sohn portrays herself as a defender of free speech but has a history of campaigning to censor conservatives. She calls Fox News ‘dangerous to our democracy’ and has urged the FCC to revoke Sinclair’s broadcast licenses,” Cruz stated. “At the same time, she has a history of fighting against indecency regulations that protect children from exposure to filth on TV. To Ms. Sohn, it seems conservative speech is worse than obscenity.”

This is not the first leftist Biden nominee to fail to make it through the confirmation process. Cornell University Professor Saule Omarova, who said she wanted to “starve” oil and gas companies of capital, withdrew her nomination to be the Comptroller of Currency. Omarova also wrote in one academic paper that she wanted to “effectively ‘end banking’ as we know it.”