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(The Dossier) – Have you received your “free” USPS delivered COVID-19 test in the mail yet? There’s a two out of three chance that it was made in China, according to data retrieved from government contract records.

Of the 380 million taxpayer-funded COVID-19 tests procured thus far by the Biden Administration, some 250 million of those tests are expected to come from the China-based company Andon Health.

On January 14, the Department of Defense announced that the government had awarded $1.28 billion to iHealth Labs, the U.S. subsidiary of Andon. Notably, Biden Administration officials did not mention the China-based parent company in the announcement.

An iHealth test kit, made in China

Andon Health has been making significant earnings in the United States. They recently received purchase orders from the States of New York and Massachusetts for a combined value of $336 million. Over the past few months, the Chinese company’s stock has increased 10 fold.

Of the remaining taxpayer money that is allocated for “free” COVID tests thus far, $340 million has gone to Switzerland-based Roche, while $306 million was awarded to US-based Abbott Laboratories. Some 20 companies attempted to bid on the testing contract, which is expected to cost taxpayers at least $8 billion.

The Biden Administration also intends to use taxpayer funds to send 400 million “free” N95 masks to Americans. The masks will be depleted from the U.S. government stockpile.

A significant portion of the masks are made in China. There remains no evidence that demonstrates N95s work well to stop a virus.

Enriching China-based businesses has become almost commonplace over the course of COVID Mania. U.S. government entities have repeatedly approved China-made tests for American customers.

The Dossier has reported extensively on the Chinese windfall that has come from COVID-19 policies. The FDA has issued emergency use authorization for at least 10 China-based companies for entry into the American market.

Reprinted with permission from The Dossier