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ROCKVILLE, Maryland (LifeSiteNews) — The controversial, “nonbinary” former Biden energy official who made headlines for allegedly stealing luggage at airports was arrested this week for allegedly doing the same thing on a third occasion, this time at Ronald Reagan National Airport in the nation’s capital.

Sam Brinton was deputy assistant secretary of Spent Fuel & Waste Disposition for the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Office of Nuclear Energy (ONE). He was hired in February 2022 but fired in December after being accused of a pair of airport luggage thefts: taking a $2,325 Vera Bradley suitcase from the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport baggage claim and taking a suitcase containing $3,670 worth of jewelry, clothing, and makeup from Harry Reid International Airport.

Now, the New York Post reports that Brinton was arrested at his Maryland home Wednesday and awaiting grand larceny charges stemming from a third alleged offense at Reagan National, after being considered a “fugitive from justice” by law enforcement.

This time, Brinton may have taken a suitcase belonging to Tanzanian fashion designer Asya Khamsin, who claims that photos of Brinton published online depict him as wearing her dresses. “I saw the images. Those were my custom designs, which were lost in that bag in 2018,” Khamsin told the Post, and is “confused” as to how they came into Brinton’s possession.

“They [sic] are being held at the Montgomery County Central Processing Unit on a no-bond status as they await an extradition hearing,” a Montgomery County Police Department spokesperson said, using “gender-neutral” pronouns to refer to the male suspect.

Brinton’s original firing drew alarm at the time for his extracurricular activities, including drag, a BDSM-tinged dog fetish, and lobbying against talk therapy for unwanted same-sex attraction. Though he claims to be a “survivor of a traumatic and torturous conversion therapy experience,” his family members have strenuously disputed that account. 

“He shows young men and women everywhere he goes that they can be who they are and gives them courage,” reads a biography Brinton provided to the LGBTQ Religious Archives Network (LGBTQ-RAN). “Once, while he was walking around Disney World in 6 inch stilettos with his boyfriend, a young gay boy saw Sam with his boyfriend and started crying. He told his mother, ‘t’s [sic] true, Mom. WE can be our own princess here.’”