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WASHINGTON (LifeSiteNews) — With crises ongoing at home and abroad, President Joe Biden has made his administration’s true priorities clear by issuing a “National Strategy on Gender Equity and Equality,” complete with renewed commitments to safeguard abortion-on-demand.

The October 22 document declares “advancing gender equity and equality” to be “both a moral and strategic imperative” because of their importance to “every individual’s economic security, safety, health, and ability to exercise their most basic rights,” as well as “economic growth and development, democracy and political stability, and the security of nations across the globe.”

Far from simply a list of left-wing “feminist” agenda items, however, it “adopts an intersectional approach,” a term popular in far-left academia as code for the belief that the interests of the political Left’s various factions are all interdependent. Accordingly, the document declares immigration, climate change, race, sexual orientation, and more to all be under its purview.

One of its top pledges is to “[d]efend the constitutional right to safe and legal abortion in the United States, established in Roe v. Wade, and promote access to sexual and reproductive health and rights both at home and abroad.” 

As evidence of the administration’s commitment to this goal, the document cites Biden’s restoration of foreign aid to abortion organizations and its “whole-of-government effort” to block Texas from banning abortion.

Curiously, the administration also claims to be committed to “women’s and girls’ full participation in social, economic, civic, and political life,” despite supporting a range of policies that marginalize or otherwise harm women and girls — forcing businesses to recognize transgender pronouns, cross-dressing exceptions to employee dress codes, forcing females to share restrooms with males, forcing female athletes to compete against men in sex-specific programs, and reopening the military to gender-dysphoric soldiers. Last week, Biden promoted Assistant Health & Human Services Secretary Richard “Rachel” Levine, a man claiming to be a woman, to the rank of four-star admiral in the U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps.

On top of the strategy sheet’s controversial contents, many critics faulted Biden for seemingly prioritizing another overture to his left-wing base over several pressing crises: