March 15, 2011 ( – A former winner on Britain’s version of the reality show Big Brother has opened up about her abortion experience six years ago, revealing how she was shattered after her boyfriend pressured her to abort her baby at 3 months gestation. She warned others to “not have an abortion for any man.”

In an interview found in the paper edition of Britain’s OK! Magazine this week, Josie Gibson said that she had an abortion when she was 20 years old. She had wanted to keep the baby; however, she said, her boyfriend at the time made it clear that he didn’t want the child.

“He waited until I was three months gone to let me know he didn’t want it,” said Gibson. “I even had baby names picked and he turned around and told me that he didn’t want our child and that I should get rid of it.”

Gibson, now 26, admitted, “I’ve regretted my abortion ever since.” “I wept for hours. I knew straight away that it was a mistake,” she recalled.

“I didn’t really want to have an abortion. But I did it anyway, to please him. Big mistake.” To other women in a similar situation, Gibson urged: “Don’t be forced into anything, don’t have an abortion for any man. Everything will work out alright in the end if you stay true to your own heart.”

Unreality TV reports that Gibson responded gratefully on Twitter after fans read the interview and sent her messages of support: “Thankyou 4 tweets guys. Was a little worried about OK mag with being so open about everything but I’m happy you understand x.”

The organization Silent No More Awareness has collected testimony from hundreds men and women who have suffered after abortions in several countries.