Friday November 12, 1999


SEATTLE, Nov 12 ( – In its ongoing effort to educate Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates, American Life League has discovered that his recent support for the ‘need’ for population control reflects a change from his original views. ALL cites a 1996 Forbes magazine article, which quotes Gates as saying, “Julian Simon [population growth advocate] is right and Paul Ehrlich [population doomsayer] is wrong.” In the same article, Gates also commented: “Resources are becoming more abundant,” and “I’d rather go into a grocery store today than to a king’s banquet a hundred years ago.”

ALL notes that just three years after these statements, Gates is financially supporting population-eliminating groups like the German Foundation for World Population, Population Communications International.

“Bill Gates is a good man,” said ALL President Judie Brown. “Anyone can see that his donations to many worthy causes makes him a distinguished and caring philanthropist. It is because we believe this about Bill Gates that we come to the conclusion he has been duped.”

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