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VATICAN CITY (LifeSiteNews) — The Order of the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre, which owns the famous Renaissance-style Hotel Columbus on the Via della Conciliazione just a stone-throw away from St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome, has signed a 30-year lease allowing Bill Gate’s pro-LGBT Four Seasons Hotels to manage the operation of the hotel. 

In a deal approved by Pope Francis last June, the Order of the Holy Sepulchre leased the building to Fort Partners, a Miami-based development company, reserving part of the building for the Order as its headquarters and using the other part as a hotel. The management of the hotel has been given to Four Seasons Hotels.

Four Seasons Hotels, which is owned by globalist, pro-abortion billionaire Bill Gates, openly supports homosexuality in the U.S. and Mexico. According to its website, Four Seasons Hotel San Francisco commemorated “pride” month last June “with celebrations that include[d] a special Pride-edition of MKT Social Club, Drag Brunch and several new cocktails whose proceeds will benefit the SF LGBT Center, which provides a wide variety of programs and services for the entire local LGBTQ+ community.” 

Konrad Gstrein, the general manager of Four Seasons Hotel San Francisco, said at the time, “San Francisco has been a longstanding world leader in the Pride movement. My team and I could not be more excited to celebrate this monumentally significant event that honours LGBTQ+ culture and heritage – not just during Pride weekend, but throughout the entire month of June and beyond.” 

Four Seasons Hotel Mexico City is also a homosexual-friendly, “gaytravel-approved” hotel. 

As part of the lease agreement for Hotel Columbus, Fort Partners will invest €54M into a restoration of the building conducted under the direction of Italian architect Fabrizio Casiraghi. The restoration work is scheduled to be completed in 2025, with around 60 rooms for the hotel. 

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The Knights of the Holy Sepulchre stated in 2018 that the Special Department of Rome Archeology, Fine Arts, and Landscape had been pressuring them to restore the building. “These urgent and necessary repairs will preserve the building and provide for necessary safety upgrades while also restoring the invaluable 15th- and 16th-century frescoes, which have been seriously damaged,” the Order declared. 

The lease of the hotel comes as the Vatican recently revoked the free or reduced rate accommodation offered to the cardinals and upper-level curial officials in a rescript signed by the Pope. The rescript applies to individuals residing in any property owned by the curia or any entity governed by the Holy See’s statutes outlined in the Council for the Economy. While many of the Vatican-owned properties are used by active curial cardinals and officials, they are also home to retired cardinals. It is difficult to see how the cardinals, especially those who are retired will manage to afford to continue living near the Vatican under the new provisions. 

There has been a considerable amount of news regarding the Vatican’s finances in recent weeks, much of which involves centralizing power and money in the Vatican away from those who had previously enjoyed the use of the Holy See’s assets. 

It remains to be seen whether, with the new lease by the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre, Four Seasons Hotels will advertise or promote homosexuality at the Hotel Columbus in Rome. If so, perhaps its tenants will include members of the homosexual lobby within the Vatican. 

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