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(LifeSiteNews) – Microsoft co-founder and mass-vaccination activist Bill Gates told the Financial Times that “we haven’t see the worst” of the declared pandemic and that an “even more transmissive and even more fatal” variant of COVID is on the horizon.

“We’re still at risk of this pandemic generating a variant” that could be the worse yet, he told the Times.

To back up his audacious claim, he said that the risk of this happening is about “five percent.”

Gates uttered the gloomy statements as the most of the world has moved on, and as it is clear that COVID variants have followed the natural progression of viruses and have become more transmissible and less virulent. This noted phenomenon is useful in creating herd immunity in a community.

Gates’ statements stand in opposition to what has been established virologically, thus it is unclear what information he used to back up his claims.

The unlikely prediction comes as the tech-billionaire just released a new book entitled How to Prevent the Next Pandemic in which he argues that medical task forces should be always at the ready like firefighting infrastructure, among other things.

He also warned against traveling internationally due to the passage of germs and that humans will get sick from animals. “The more people travel and the stronger the interaction between wild species and humans, the more risk of zoonotic cross-species-type diseases.”

Gates’ approach to understanding viruses has been summarized by Brownstone Institute founder Jeffrey Tucker, who believes that Gates views human health the way he views computers.

In an article from November 2021, Tucker wrote, “Software. Hardware. Applications. Subscriptions! This is how he thinks, as if the human body and its deadly dance with viruses is a recent problem and we are only at the very beginning of finding solutions, without realizing that this reality has been present for the whole of human existence and that we had tremendous success in the course of the 20th century minimizing bad pathogenic outcomes without his guidance and benefaction.”