Bill to Allow Homosexual “Marriage” in Maine to Be Introduced

Tue Jan 13, 2009 - 12:15 pm EST

 By Thaddeus M. Baklinski

AUGUSTA, Maine, January 13, 2009 ( - Supporters of homosexual "marriage" and groups committed to defending the true meaning of marriage, are set to square off for a fight in Maine this year. Senator Dennis S. Damon, D-Trenton, announced at a press conference this afternoon that he is submitting legislation that would redefine marriage in the state.

The senator said that his bill would codify civil marriage as the legally recognized union of two people, regardless of sex, and ensure that the state recognizes same-sex “marriages” from other states. He also said that the bill would protect the right of religious institutions to define their own religious doctrine and teachings about marriage, according to the Bangor Daily News. However, it is unclear if this means that religious institutions would be protected from discrimination lawsuits if they refuse to perform same-sex “weddings.”

Damon is supported by members of the Maine Freedom to Marry Coalition, which is made up of various homosexualist groups.

The defense of true marriage is being spearheaded by the Maine Marriage Alliance and aided by the Catholic Diocese of Portland and the Maine Family Policy Council. These groups have announced that House Republican Josh Tardy will submit a bill to augment the state law, the Defense of Marriage Act, restricting marriage to one man and one woman, by making it a constitutional amendment.

Bob Emrich, founder of the Maine Marriage Alliance, told OneNewsNow that, though homosexual activists are pushing to overturn the law, his group will wage a major battle in the legislature to stop the effort.

"The gay rights organizations in the state and in New England have made it very clear that that (ending the prohibition on homosexual "marriage") is their desire, and that they have listed enough legislators as what they call marriage-friendly," he explained. "According to their claim, they have enough already on their side to overturn the law."

A poll released by Angus Reid on Monday showed that a majority of adults in the US are against same-sex "marriage."

"55 per cent of respondents think marriages between gay and lesbian couples should not be recognized by the law as valid," the report stated.

See the Angus Reid report "American Majority Opposes Same-Sex Marriage":

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