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Minnesota Catholic group uses billboard to rebut pro-abortion ‘Catholics for Choice’ ad

LifeSiteNews staff

September 28, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) -- Today the Catholic Defense League of Minnesota (CDLMN) announced it has added a billboard advertisement as a follow-up to its newspaper ad which ran in the Minneapolis Star Tribune on Sunday.

The east-facing digital billboard is located on Interstate 694 at Lexington Avenue in Shoreview, Minnesota.  The advertisement is estimated to receive nearly 28,000 views per day.  The ad is scheduled to run through the month of October.

CDLMN’s advertising campaign is in response to a newspaper advertisement placed by a group calling itself “Catholics for Choice” (CFC) which claimed that “public funding of abortion is a Catholic social justice value.”

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“Our campaign seeks to set the record straight on what is authentic Catholic teaching on abortion,” said Val Baertlein, spokesperson for CDLMN.  “There is absolutely no basis for associating the word ‘Catholic’ with ‘abortion’ as a ‘social justice value.’  We can’t allow dissidents to misinform Catholics on this important issue, especially during an election season.”

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