MONTREAT, North Carolina, July 26, 2012 ( – Famed evangelist Billy Graham has come out in defense of Chick-fil-A as the fast food chain faces sustained attacks in the wake of its president’s public support for true marriage.

Chick-fil-A president and chief operating officer Dan Cathy told the Baptist Press July 16th that he is “guilty as charged” in supporting marriage as being between a man and a woman.


In response, both Boston Mayor Thomas Menino and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel said they do not want the chain opening new locations in their cities, and the Jim Henson Company pulled its children’s toys.

“I want to express my support for my good friends Truett Cathy and his son Dan Cathy, and for their strong stand for the Christian faith,” said 94-year-old Graham in a statement Thursday. “I’ve known their family for many years and have watched them grow Chick-fil-A into one of the best businesses in America while never compromising their values. Chick-fil-A serves each of its customers with excellence, and treats everyone like a neighbor. It’s easy to see why Chick-fil-A has become so popular across America.”

“Each generation faces different issues and challenges, but our standard must always be measured by God’s word. I appreciate the Cathy family’s public support for God’s definition of marriage,” he added.

The evangelist also said he plans to join Gov. Mike Huckabee in his Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day on August 1st. Over 200,000 people have joined the Facebook event.

“As the son of a dairy farmer who milked many a cow, I plan to ‘Eat Mor Chikin’ and show my support by visiting Chick-fil-A next Wednesday,” he said.